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  1. Moro Liberation Front was active in:
    1. Indonesia
    2. Myanmar
    3. Chile
    4. Philippines
  2. Choose the option that best explains the meaning of “To talk through one’s hat”
    1. To speak nonstop
    2. To talk nonsense
    3. To talk wisely
    4. To talk loudly
  3. Lionel Messi is a famous footballer from which country?
    1. Brazil
    2. Chile
    3. Argentina
    4. Spain
  4. The shuttle weight in Badminton should be from 4.74 to _____
    1. 5 gm
    2. 4.9 gm
    3. 5.5 gm
    4. 4.8gm
  5. The Lucknow Pact granted the right of Separate electorates to the:
    1. Hindus
    2. Christians
    3. Sikhs
    4. Muslims
  6. Convert to indirect form: He said “Hurrah! We have won the match”.
    1. He exclaimed with joy that they had won the match
    2. He told them that they had won the match
    3. He asked if they had won the match
    4. He exclaimed that they have won the match
  7. What is the meaning of the word “QURAN”?
    1. That which is beautiful
    2. That which is the greatest
    3. That which is pure
    4. That which is to be recited
  8. The World’s largest Island (excluding Australia) by area is:
    1. Sumatra
    2. Greenland
    3. New Guinea
    4. Madagascar
  9. The most serious environmental effect posted by hazardous wastes is
    1. Increased use of land for landfills
    2. Contamination of Groundwater
    3. Air pollution
    4. Destruction of Habitat
  10. Change the sentence into Passive Voice: “Who teaches you English”.
    1. By whom were you taught English
    2. By whom are you taught English
    3. English is taught by whom
    4. By whom has English been taught

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