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Jobs in University of the Punjab, Lahore – 2023

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Job in university of the Punjab -2023

University of the Punjab are announced jobs 2023.

APPLY ONLINE (APPLICATIONS OTHER THAN ON-LINE SHALL NOT BE ACCEPTED) http://jobs.pu.edu.pk E.mail: puhr@pu.edu.pk Phone: (042) 99232319, 99230362


This quiz contains 25 MCQs. You have 20 minutes to attempt these MCQs. The passing score is 50%.

Best of luck!

Your time is up!

Your test is submitted automatically whether you're finished or not.

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1st August 2023

1 / 25

1. Vitamin C is essential for

2 / 25

2. "The Da vinci Code" is

3 / 25

3. Which one of the following shapes has four equal sides and right angles?

4 / 25

4. What is the old name of Zohb?

5 / 25

5. In which district of Pakistan is the famous Katas Raj temple complex located?

6 / 25

6. Valletta is the capital of

7 / 25

7. Complete the sentence: Justice delayed is justice----.

8 / 25

8. Which country is called playground of Europe?

9 / 25

9. Who postulated the theory of Natural selection in Evolution?

10 / 25

10. In which district is the archaeological site Harappa located?

11 / 25

11. Constantinople fell into the hands of the Muslims in which year?

12 / 25

12. Twitter is a

13 / 25

13. Pope Benedict XV , who died in 2013 , was from which country?

14 / 25

14. Fill in the blank. "He was meditating --- the problem".

15 / 25

15. RAM stand for

16 / 25

16. When did five prayers become an obligation (Farz)?

17 / 25

17. When was the state of Israel admitted to the UNO?

18 / 25

18. UPS is an abbreviation of:

19 / 25

19. Who is considered as the father of psychoanalysis?

20 / 25

20. Who was the Secretary General of the United Nations before Ban Ki Moon?

21 / 25

21. Which of the following infectious diseases is conveyed from one person to another through air is :

22 / 25

22. What does OIC stand for?

23 / 25

23. Abdul-Sattar Edhi, a Pakistani philanthropist and humanitarian died on

24 / 25

24. What is the synonym of Notion:

25 / 25

25. The Lucknow Pact between Congress and the Muslim League was signed in which year?

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Job Brief

Published on
July 31, 2023
Punjab University Website
Job Type
Contract / Regular
Ph. D, M. Phill, MS
Last date to apply
Male and Female
University of the Punjab
Total Posts
WhatsApp Group
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Jobs Positions
  • Junior Clerk (05)

Jobs Description

Applications are invited from highly accomplished, dynamic, qualified and motivated Pakistani Nationals for the following posts for appointment under Basic Scale (BS). HEC eligibility criteria shall be observed in all the subjects/disciplines for the appointment of Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors and Lecturers which are available on HEC/Punjab University Website

Job Ad

How to apply for Job

  1. Apply on-line (Applications other than On-line shall not be accepted by the University).
  2. Candidates are advised to read all terms and conditions and instructions of the Advertisement carefully in order to submit their online applications complete in all respects.
  3. The onus/responsibility of correctness of the data given in the on-line application will rest absolutely on the candidate.
  4. Candidates should fill the On-line Form carefully in the light of the Guidelines and Instructions mentioned in the Advertisement for the said post.
  5. The candidates should submit their personal valid E-mail address and personal Mobile number at the time of submission of their online application. All the correspondence shall be made by email only.
  6. Candidates shall not be allowed to apply after the Closing Date of receipt of applications, in any case.
  7. The Candidates are required to ensure that:
        • No column of Web-generated Application Form is left blank.
        • All the Candidates are required to submit one hard copy (duly signed) of On-line Application Form along with updated CV, attested copies of degrees/certificates/testimonials/ photograph (1×1) and first page of each research paper showing name of journal, title of research paper, category of research paper as per HEC classification, Name of author, Name of Publisher and ISSN Number etc.
        • Candidates for the posts of Professor and Associate Professor are also required to submit one soft copy of Online Application Form along with attested copies of degrees/certificates/testimonials/ photograph (1×1) and complete research papers in a Pdf file in USB, in addition to the hard copy.
        • The size of Pdf file should not exceed 20 MB. 



  1. In case the Candidate is a Government Servant, a Departmental Permission Certificate/ NOC issued by the Competent Authority of the concerned Department is required to be produced along with hard copy of application form. Any application without Departmental Permission Certificate/ NOC shall be rejected.
  2. If the candidate who has applied after taking NOC from his parent department/ Institution/ University and got selected in any other department/ Institution/ University during the process of selection, he/she would be required to send immediately an NOC from the new employer, failing which the application will be rejected ab-initio.
  3. The age, qualification, experience, other credentials and research papers of the candidates prescribed in the relevant Service Rules and Advertisement should be completed in all respects on or before the Closing Date fixed for such post(s).
  4. The prescribed educational qualifications and valid registration with PEC/ PMDC/ PNC and such other institutions where applicable must have been acquired on or before the closing date for submission of applications.
  5. Applications of candidates, whose result is not officially announced by the Controller of Examination of a Board/ University on or before the closing date, shall not be considered.
  6. Instructions issued by the Higher Education Commission or University from time to time shall be followed in true letter and spirit.
  7. All HEC rules/policies shall be applicable for BS appointments.
  8. In case any information provided by the Candidate in his/her application form is found to be incorrect or false at any stage, he/she will be disqualified and action will be taken under the Rules.
  9. Incomplete applications (in any case) shall not be entertained.
  10. In case of Assistant Professor/Lecturer only short listed candidates will be called for interview.
  11. The University reserves the rights to increase/decrees the number of post(s), not to fill/withdraw any post(s), withhold the appointment against any advertised post(s) without assigning any reason. Fee
  12. It is mandatory for Candidates to deposit the fee as required in the Advertisement in any Branch of HBL or UBL.
  13. The fee must be deposited on the prescribed challan form to be generated on-line and original Receipt must be provided along with hard copy of application form.
  14. Candidates applying for the post of Professor/Associate Professors are required to deposit an amount of Rs.6000/=
  15. Candidates applying for the posts of Assistant Professors/Lecturers/Research Officer and other posts are required to deposit an amount of Rs.3000/=
  16. No Bank Draft or Pay Order or Cheque or any such instrument will be accepted as fee by the University.
  17. Applications forms received without fee deposit receipts shall be rejected. FOREIGN DEGREES/DIPLOMAS.
  18. The University shall accept degrees/certificates/diplomas of those Foreign Universities only which have been recognized by Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan, Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC), Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC), Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) or any other Competent Agency/Authority.
  19. Foreign degree holders must provide equivalence certificate issued by the HEC along with application form.
  20. Condition of Master’s (foreign) mentioned in the HEC Minimum Eligibility Conditions for the appointment of Faculty at HEIs/DAIs means Master’s degree awarded by the chartered foreign University for which HEC has granted its equivalence with Pakistan’s MS/MPhil or 18 years of education. EQUIVALENT QUALIFICATION:
  21. The equivalence of foreign and local academic qualifications as laid down by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan, Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) or other Competent Authority shall be accepted only.
  22. In case a candidate claims that his/her qualification is equivalent to the prescribed qualification, he/she will be required to submit equivalence of his/her qualification issued by the Competent Authority before closing date or during the period as extended for the purpose by University.
  23. If a candidate fails to submit Equivalence Certificate issued by the Competent Authority before closing date or whenever asked by the University, his/her candidature shall be cancelled.
  24. Candidates who claim equivalence of a foreign/ domestic degree with the prescribed educational qualifications of post, must at the time of submission of requisite documents, enclose certificate/proof of such equivalence of degrees/diplomas/certificates issued by the competent authority e.g. Higher Education Commission/Pakistan Engineering Council/Pakistan Council of Architects & Town Planners /Pakistan Nursing Council/Pakistan Medical and Dental Council/Inter Board Committee, along with their translation in Urdu/English. Otherwise their applications will be liable to rejection, and no subsequent claim on this account will be accepted by the University. EXPERIENCE WHERE SO REQUIRED/ MANDATORY)
  25. For the purpose of counting of experience of the candidates, the following criteria will be applied: –
  26. Experience where required for determination of eligibility for a post, a candidate shall have to produce documentary evidence in support of his/her claim.
  27. Experience of Government Service shall only be accepted if the Certificate is issued by the concerned Appointing Authority/Person Authorized to do so.
  28. Experience in private entities shall be accepted only if such entity is registered with SECP, Registrar of Firms or any other Regulatory Authority of the Government of Pakistan.
  29. Only that particular/professional experience shall be considered which has been acquired in the relevant area while working in Public Sector or recognized institutions in the Private Sector.
  30. Experience certificate in respect of Contract, Current Charge, Acting Charge and Ad-hoc Appointment, issued by the Appointing Authority under the rules shall be accepted.
  31. In case where Experience is a Pre-requisite, it shall be counted only post qualification experience, if not otherwise prescribed.
  32. Experience in a general specialty/subject shall not be considered relevant as experience in a specific specialty/subject prescribed for a post.
  33. Research/ professional experience means the actual period spent on conducting research in the area of specialty or in the area of profession relevant to the post applied for:- a. Actual duration of PhD program or up to 4 years at maximum and actual duration of post-doc program shall be counted as research experience. 7 b. Period spent on study leave shall be counted as research / professional experience if the area of study is relevant to the post applied for.
  34. Post qualification experience’ means the experience gained in a regular full time paid job including experience of contract services and that of the on job training subject to its relevancy acquired after attaining the requisite/ minimum advertised qualifications.
  35. The experience as part time, honorary/ self-employed and apprentice/ internee/research scholar/research associate/teaching assistant will not be considered/ counted as experience.
  36. Experience from Firms/ Companies/ Institutions/ Organizations/ Banks/ NGOs etc., will be accepted if these are well known nationally or internationally, have appropriately been registered/ incorporated with concerned government department/ institution for doing business, maintain office (s) and have proper registration number/ reference number, where applicable
All posts: Professor/Associate Professors/Assistant

On the Closing Date, Online Application Portal  will be closed at 4:00 pm

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