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Image How to Pass PPSC Exam

How to Pass PPSC Exams

Many of my friends are questioning me that how to pass PPSC Exams?

How to pass PPSC exams?

Share my tips and experience about “How to pass PPSC Exams” with your other friends and colleagues…..So, I thought I should write for all who are struggling to get success in exams and thinking about appearing in PPSC exam ….
First of all, I would say that

  • Try to prepare yourself, which is your priority, which you want to achieve and get in life
  • You must have a clear goal to achieve it
  • There should be someone in your life whom you follow, share every failure …he or she must be a motivator. he can be you family member or friend
  • Stay away yourself as soon as possible from negative people, who are a discourager, demotivator.
  • Keep yourself close to positive people
  • The most important relationship is yourfamily plays an important role in your achievements and success, they must be motivator and encourager

Tips for preparation

you must have to apply, apply, and apply. if you think that why I should apply? it is the opening key to success. don’t give up ..you will fail many times, no problem by trying again and again you will pass it …failure in life also an experience of learning takes it positively.

And the next thing is 

How to prepare it??

You must have time to prepare it …buy two books to enrich your general knowledge and read it daily …only keep it will not help u to pass the exam…
One book is General knowledge By Caravan publisher Another book is Solved past papers of ppsc By Imtiaz Shahid (Download free Past Papers). Must practice online through Mock Tests available @ onemcqs.com Moreover I will recommend you that you must join our online Student Forum that is pakstudentforum.com where you can be updated with current affairs and other related material. This post “How to pass PPSC Exam” will help you to get success

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You must have consulted it daily,
With times you will be able to attempt PPSC exam with confidence
Be precise in syllabi of exams ….

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If 40 percent general knowledge and 60 percent subject specific syllabus ….your priority should be preparation of subject related material and general knowledge side by side…. and start preparation as soon as you applied for any post not by times when date will be announced of exam

I would suggest you must apply on those posts that have eligibility criteria in some specific subject because when you apply for this kind of posts number of applicants will be less than those posts that have eligibility criteria (graduation)

So last thing is also important to put trust in ALLAH
After giving ur best …..

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