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FIA Jobs Test Preparation

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FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) announced jobs. Here are some FIA Jobs test preparation tips. FIA is counted among Pakistan’s Top Agencies. The Headquarter of FIA is located at Director Law Office, FIA Headquarters, G9/4, Islamabad.


FIA investigate all those cases about sumggling of human trafic and Cyber crime. Moreover, they also investigate specialized and organized crime, Immigration and Anti Smuggling, Personal Identification Secure Comparison and Evaluation System(PISCES Computerized Control and Exit, Counter Terrorism(Special Investigation Group), Money Laundering( Excluding narcotics and anti corruption proceed), Automated Finger Print Identification System(AFIS), Plastic Money Fraud etc.

Director General of FIA

Mr.Muhammad Tahir Rai took charge as DG FIA.

FIA JOBS TEST Preparation

for FIA Jobs Test Preparation click here

FIA Job Ad dated 24.07.2022 The News

The detail of FIA Jobs positions is as under:-

Sample Papers

Preparation of FIA Test is a typical  matter. You should practice more and more to get success in FIA Exam. For Test Preparation you can attempt these Sample Papers…. 

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FIA Jobs Test Preparation

FIA Sample Papers

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Nepal’s first woman President was__________ ?

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Turkey connects the two continents: _____________?

3 / 5

What is the height of Diamer Basha Dam?

4 / 5

Which country is the member of NATO?

5 / 5

The Length of Suez Canal is_______?

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The average score is 56%

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